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I have a tab of data which shows "units on" & "units off" for each account for the month.


I wish to find the units off and on for certain dates. I am hoping to have this in a summary tab for selected accounts (HRN). As such i am hoping to match via the date and account (HRN).


Can someone please assist with this?


Greatly appreciate any assistance.

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See if the following formulas return the desired output..


In C4

=SUMIFS('Transaction Report'!O:O,'Transaction Report'!E:E,C$2,'Transaction Report'!G:G,$A4)

and then copy this formula to E4, G4 and I4.


In D4

=SUMIFS('Transaction Report'!Y:Y,'Transaction Report'!E:E,D$2,'Transaction Report'!Q:Q,$A4)

 and then copy this formula to F4, H4 and J4.


In K4



In L4


and then select C2:L4 and copy down the rows.




* Example from the Internet and translated into English.


Hope I was able to help you with this info.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Hi Subodh

thank you kindly for the help, works the way i wanted. Very much appreciated.
Hi Nikolino

thank you kindly for the help, i was able to adapt this to my spreadsheet and worked perfectly. Thanks for your hep, Very much appreciated.
You're welcome @calof1! Glad it worked as desired.