Help to find average of values before/after a certain date

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Hi All,


I have a set of data which I wish to show the average value for. There is a couple criteria so i am using averageifs to find the average value. However i wish to include a criteria to include values after a certain date. I have tried to use the formula similar to sumifs, however it appears to not be working.


I have attached the excel spreadsheet i am working on, looking to update the formula is column T. Does anyone happen to know how this can be done?


Greatly appreciate any assistance.


Many thanks

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Are you sure it's not working? The error message is one pertaining to dividing by zero. It looks to me as if there are no rows that meet the full set of criteria, so the divisor is zero which generates that error. There are times when an error message comes about because the formula IS working.
Hi, thanks for the information. I have had a further look and implemented some dates which are above my set dates (1/12/2022), then some below. However i appear to still be getting an error, when there is data available for both. Any thoughts?

Many thanks

Are you still getting the same error? It wasn’t the date criterion that wasn’t met; it was one or two of the others

Hi thanks for the message. I have gone through and checked each stage of the other criteria. I can been able to validate the other two, just the final one which includes date is not working. I have been using 1/2/2023 as a test case in the latest spreadsheet. So i have an answer on either side of the date.