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Dear All

I want to make a document which contains "3 levels" a bit like the already existing function where one can hide formulas for other users. 

So I have 3 groups of users who all needs different levels of access:


A: can only read the document and not make any changes at all. 

B: can make changes, but the changes are not visible to A before they are approved by C. 
C: can make changes and approve changes made by C and B.


So I imagine that A can see like a frontpage with all the approved data. B can make changes in the data, add data or delete data, but the changes will not become visible to A before they are approved by C.

It could be great with some kind of box where one can make "a mark" and in that way activate or deactivate what is visible to A but without losing it.
So C have a palette of different data: 1,2,3,4,5. One day A is only allowed to see data 2 and 4. Another day A is only allowed to see data 1 and 5 and the day after that: 3 and 4. 

Is that possible to do in excel??

Thank you in advance.


Best regards

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Hi @LineClemmensen 


It's possible but would require a lot of VBA and time to deliver correctly.


Almost sounds like B and C should have read a write access to one folder for draft documents then a read only copy is saved to an "Approved" folder by C


Hi @Wyn Hopkins 
Thanks for your answer. 

I have plenty of time, but unfortunately haven't I tried VBA before. I have seen some youtube-videos though. But I guess this task requires more than a youtube-video... hehe.

Yes, you are on the right track, but I would like to have the opportunity to "activate and deactivate" what A see. If C saves a copy of the draft document, C would not be able to hide any data (e.g. $E$8:$H$16) for A? right?  

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