help to create 1 single formula from IF function (x2) + VLOOKUP

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Hi everyone!


I have 2 IF formulas containing VLOOKUP that I want to merge into a single one.

But I keep having N/A errors.


The 2 formulas are the following:







-In cell C2 I write a code.

-There is another excel sheet in the same workbook called JFCIT. It lists all the codes that I might write in C2.

-If the code I enter in C2 is listed in JFCITA A2:A229 then I want as output C12*C10.

  If the code I enter in C2 is listed in JFCITA A230:A315 then I want as output C15*C10.

-The cell where I want the output (so the cell where to put the single formula) is C16Screenshot.PNG


Can someone please help me?

Thank you



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It works perfectly...thank you, thank you, thank you!!! <3<3<3