Help required to determine correct calculation methodology/formula

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I am quite a newbie around excel, and I am in the process to design an excel calculator to determine volume in tanks.

My question is this:

From calibration tables, I observe for example the following information,
1 mtr of level = 375 cub mtrs
1.10 mtr of level=380 cub mtrs
1.20 mtrs of level = 417 cub mtrs

Is there any formula, which I can use to calculate the within the 1.10 & 1.20 mtrs indication cubic meters.

For example if the measurement shows, 1.13 mtrs I would like to find how much cubic mtrs has the tank…

I hope my question was clear…

Thanks in advanced for any help and any advice for further research.

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You may use array constants as follows:
Note the calculation of the following constants:
1. (375-0)/(1-0)=375;
2. (380-375)/(1.1-1)=50; and
3. (417-380)/(1.2-1.1)=370.

Afraid the function is far from linear. If the tank is horizontal cylinder we shall to calculate segment square based on the level. If more complex form the approximation will be even more complex. In any case just 3 points is not enough for any approximation but linear.


Thanks for the prompt reply, I will cross check and revert if any correction need...


@Sergei Baklanthanks for the reply.

All my tanks are cylinder tanks, with conical bottom.
The conical space can be easily measured (I have done that already), the issue is that I have to calculate fast the volume on all tanks based on their level, as much as accurate as possible.

The level is very fast changing and the only remote indication I have is the level in centimeters, that's the reason I need to create this calculator...

Thanks again... 


With such shape formula could work after 1.1, as I guess that's cylindrical part


I'd only use linear approximation for the second part ignoring first point, like