help referencing data from large spreadsheet to summary sheet

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I have a large, detailed spreadsheet with data such as attendance and donations listed by week.  This workbook has a separate tab for each year, rows are each week's date, and columns for each week's totals and year to date information.  I compile current year data comparing the same week in 2021 to the same weeks in 2020 and 2019 onto a summary sheet to send to our management.  How can I pull info from different tabs onto the summary?  I have tried a vlookup, but cannot seem to get all the pieces to work properly, and am thinking there is something that would work better.  Right now, I manually enter all the info and know there is a better way to approach this.  

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@MaryR1330 There are different ways to go about this. The best next step is to send over your file, removing any sensitive data, for us to test out different methods of how to create a dynamic reference in your Summary tab. One immediate change would be to apply a SUMIF function that changes the weeks being summed together based on the current time, to avoid having to manually sum each tabs figures.