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i have a lot of data in 'sheet1' the data has to be distributed trough out other sheets, column b has the values chc20 to chc50, for example i need to get the row data from chc20 to sheet 2 chc30 on sheet 3 etc. the data wil be constantly changed in sheet 1 so i can't keep copy pasting them in and i want to do this automatically, any help ?

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@IzeyVdh Do you have access to the FILTER function? If so, have a look at the attached workbook.



I don't understand your plan. Could you explain in more detail which cells should go into which cells.

At the same time I prepared an approach in Sheet 2, even if I don't think it can be in the right direction. Take a look at it and please let us know if this is OK, or describe it in more detail HOW it should be.


Thank you for your patience and understanding



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