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I run a small school in Nigeria and I constantly find myself having to create school fee template every term over and again on word document, and then use that same data to create an Excel table. I use the excel table for calculating balances on payments and knowing the outstanding payments when creating a new bill.

My issue is that, I want to create either a excel/word document that syncs to a word/Excel document automatically. The caveat is that, I want to be able to print all the individual bills of each student from an updated word document at once without having to enter the details one by one again.

I know this write-up is long but I just need to clearly explain my troubles.

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It sounds like this will be a merge (Possibly a letter merge) in Word. The best thing you can do in Excel is to create a simple sheet that includes the header in row 1 with the data below. You can then use the Excel workbook for your Word merge source.