Help on a UNIQUE formula

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I have the following list of year:

2022 2023 2023 2025 2025 2026 2027 2028 

from A1:K1

I wish to find the single values and put the following formula in B1=SINGLE(A1:K1)

but got the sames values.

What I'm doing wrong ?




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I believe you want the unique function:
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UNIQUE works down the array to generate a distinct set of rows.  To do the reverse and work from left to right across an array (here just a single row) you need to add a further parameter

= UNIQUE(year,1)

where 'year' is a defined name that refers to A1:K1.

Hi @Peter Bartholomew 

Thank you very much


I am not getting the option to use unique function in professional 2019. Please help


That's for Excel 365, Excel for web or Excel 2021

@Sergei Baklan 


Dear Sergei,


Please help me out with any alternative of unique function that can give me unique dates automatically from a list of entries.


I am not the best person to ask because this time I deliberately erased older versions of Excel and decided that I had no interest in maintaining compatibility with those older versions.  However, I remember tricks such as using MATCH to identify the first occurrence of the value (in your case, a date) and return the relative row number of such matches.  SMALL will then filter the row numbers which are ultimately used to lookup the values/dates.


I can't help but feel that

= UNIQUE(dates)

is clearer in its intent!