Help needed with outcome from cell function into another concat function

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I need to copy/paste a value from another website with the format "[A1] [B2] [C3]".

In the cells A1, B2, C3 etc I have put some values which need searched and concaternated, with the substitute function I converted the copied value from the website into A1;B2;C3


How can I use this outcome to look into the given cells and concaternate them?

I tried using =concat(cell with outcome) but then it only shows A1;B2;C3 instead of the values mentioned in the cells.

Thanks in advance.

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Set the number format of the target cell to General and enter the formula


="["&A1&"] ["&B2&"] ["&C3&"]"



@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks. But the copied value from the site daily changes. 

I have in the entire excel 10 colums and 5 rows with values (from A1 till J5). Those values in the mentioned cells are permanent. 

Every day I copy the value from the site which always has 3 mentioned codes in it ([A1],[A2],[A3], [A1],[B4],[E5] etc.) but it changes on daily bases.
So I only want to convert those copied value and want it automatically concaternate the values in the cell.


So in the example:
A1 = 56

B2 = 78

C3 = 22


I copy [A1],[B2],[C3] > converted it already to A1;B2;C3 and want to concaternate it so I get the result of 567822

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Let's say the value A1;B2;C3 is in cell A7. The following formula will concatenate the values of cells A1, B2 and C3:



Thanks Hans, this is exact what i was looking for! It worked! Many thanks for your fast help and solution