Help needed for working out commission based on another cell

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Hi folks,

hopefully someone can help.
Im trying to work out a % of revenue commission based on what is being earned per hour.
eg - if you are between £15-£15.99 per hour you get 2% of the revenue.  I have included the rates in the sheet in the commission rates tab.
I have tried but keep getting errors, im sure its very simple for someone with experience, All help appreciated and thanks in advance, lv this community!
The link for the sheet is below
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See the attached version. I added a column with the threshold values to the Commission Rates sheet.


The formula for the commission rate is =VLOOKUP(A2,'Commission Rates'!$B$2:$C$14,2)

If you want the commission as an amount, use =VLOOKUP(A2,'Commission Rates'!B2:C14,2)/100*B2

@Kev__uk Added something to your file. See if this is what you need.