Help Needed copy and pasting values only when a condition is met

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Hi Everyone, 


I have an excel table that tracks the % of items that are within SLA for a team. This is live data so when the dataset changes, so does the table. I want to be able to copy and paste these values every Friday so that I can see week on week trends. 


I was hoping i could say =if(today()=C7,C3,""). This logic works but I would like the value to be static so that next week when the values in the source table have changed, the values in the tracker table have not. is there a "paste values" version of this formula?


Thanks for the help


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Didn't understand screenshot, but perhaps


could work.

@Sergei Baklan 

Hi Sergei, 


Sorry, the screenshot was out of context. The first table in the screenshot tells me how many are inside/ outside of SLA today. This Table pulls from a live data set. 


I want to create a second table where I get a snapshot of this data every Friday but it is a static view. i.e. the following week once the data has changed it will not affect the data from the previous week.


The formulas both you and I mentioned work for a live view but they are not static, they will change as the data changes. 


What I am looking for is essentially a "paste values" whenever the if statement criteria is true. In this case, it is a certain date. 


Do you think this is something you could help me with?


updated screenshot attached





Thank you, it's more clear now. Perhaps it could be done something with formulas if enable iterative calculations and use circular references, similar to timestamp pattern. But that's not reliable way, option could affect other calculations in this and other workbook.


More logical to play wit VBA programming, but that's not my territory.