Help Naming Cells in Excel

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I am trying to name many cells in a spreadsheet so I can use those names in calculations on other worksheets within the same workbook.  I've started naming the cell manually, but there must be an easier way.  I've tried the Create from Selection option, but it doesn't give me the names I want.

For example, I clicked in cell B2 and named it RateSandy, which is the heading and value in column A.  I did the same for cells E2 - P2 naming them JanAllocSandy - DecAllocSandy.  is there an easier way to get the results I need?image.png


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Hi Genieve,


Perhaps you may organise your data without naming. But if with names better to use intersection - for example for such data


 name entire row 2 (or part of row 2 which covers your range) as Sandy, next row as Patty, etc. Name column B as Rate.

When you may use in formulas intersection of that named columns as on screenshot, not necessary to name each cell.

Also attached.