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hi, can anyone plz help me. i've wanted to do =sumifs(). to calculate the total income from my costumers. (im practicing). after i've finished writing. the first box has no value in it. instead, there is a ( - )

inside of it. the others are working fine. just the first one doesn't


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First of all, that (-) could very well BE a value. Specifically, zero, which (depending on format settings) will sometimes appear as "-"     So the first question to you, "Is it at all possible that the correct sum for that particular customer is zero?"


If not, is it possible for you to post a copy of the spreadsheet (removing real customer names) on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, and then pasting a link here that grants access so we can see it?

thanks for the answer. the value isn't =0 , and i've just discovered that sumifs is not taking all of the rows. ex: i have a customer who had bought 2 things (2 rows in excel) but sumifs is taking just the first row. i'll try and send you a copy!AvWgMrKZGLsrliVuQYpRz9g3vqbH?e=DrdCe4

here is the link. i've tried one more time to solve it myself. now it shows the calculated sum for the first name. and when i copy it. it copies the same numer
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You shared the file as "Read only" so I'm not actually able to edit it. I think the mistake is in the first criterion, where you specify the range as $K$9:$K$30 and the criterion as $K$9...try changing that latter to D12 and copying the formula down column E.



The revised formula then would read



when you copy that down the D12 changes to E12, F12, and so on


oh. sorry i forgot to make it costumizable for all. so i've copied the formula and paste it. It worked but still one of the boxes have a zero. i will solve the problem and make the file writeable
thank you very much. i found it. in my original sheet i've made a mistake. the costumer had payed 2 times but i wrote it "repaied" thats why the box was = zero. after correcting my mistake excel displayed everything. thanks alot