Help me sort my wines!

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I have a wine display set up almost like a spreadsheet.  Columns 1-30, and Rows A-E.   Wines are identified in the system and in the storage room to find them easily.  Right now I have them listed as A-1, B-5 ect.    

   In my Excel spreadsheet, I can't figure out how to sort it correctly.   It comes out like this.....  I have also switched it to 1-B, 10-C Etc and have the same issue.  Ideas?  Thanks!

Screenshot 2020-12-02 08.12.05.png

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Whether you write the locations like A-1 or 1-A, they are text values, so they will be sorted alphabetically, not numerically. The easiest way is to use A-01 if you want to sort on the letter first, then on the number, or 01-A if you want to sort on the number first, then on the letter.

Alternatively, use column E to store only the letters A to E, and column F to store the numbers 1 to 30.

You can then sort either way.