Help me design a solution for change tracking

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Hello Everyone,


I have created an Excel sheet where an engineer can enter the bill of materials (BOM) and every time he enters a part number, there is an index number created that doesn't change. Every time the description or quantity is deleted and changed the time stamp will update. 


Therefore every part number will generate a unique index and the changes made to it will create a time stamp. 


My question is that, how do I go from here to track changes? Imagine that the engineer wanted to update the BOM and copied and pasted over the old part numbers which means I have lost the old data. Somehow I thought index and time stamp would help but in this scenario, they are useless unless if there was a copy of this BOM generated every week so I could compare two files. I suppose something with Power Automate could be done. What do you think? Can I do something smart to track changes in the BOM without making the engineer perform extra tasks? 

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