Help! include a loss % linked with matching reference

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Hi Guys!

i am hoping someone has an idea to what i could use!


my spreadsheet isn't perfect but its functional to what i need (at the moment)

so to give you an idea see bullet point below and any suggestions please let me know:


spreadsheet is for stock reconciliation 

when material comes in it has a reference e.g MAI14555 24,300kg

when material goes out in parts (not all qty in one go) it will go against MAI14555 (multiple)  and leave a balance of material from total 


i want to show once all the material has gone out what the loss is in a % which i can but i need it too link to MAI14555 that isn't necessarily in the same row! see attached so it makes a lil more sense 


let me know best method - it need to link reoccurring reference (in difference places) with original total weight with what's left over but as a % 

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