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here's image 1 with code matching different SKU. let's say this is file A 

I need copy and past file A's code into file B. However file B is looking different 


when I paste file A's code into File B. here's what it looks like 


I will have to manually drag the code to matching the correct SKU, and keep copy and paste them. 

my concern is : is there anyway we can make it quicker and easier ? 



I hope I explained clearly, anyone know any way to help me with this issue, Please HELP !! 





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OMG ~~~~ it does, the 2nd equation does the work.
but there's little issue.. I replied and post it over there...
YOU ARE AMAZING !!!! thank you so much
actually I change your equation like below for 2nd row

More generally (allows column B data to be text or numeric):
=IF(OR(A2="",A2=A1),"", INDEX(B$2:B2, SUMPRODUCT(--(C$1:C1<>""))))

Change to :=IF(OR(A2="",A2=A1),"", INDEX(B$3:B2, SUMPRODUCT(--(C$1:C1<>""))))
then rest of them fill correctly.

I don't understand why, I was just give it try and play around. I don't know how to fix to make it correctly auto fill from row 1

@sheri_021  wrote:  ``there's little issue.. I replied and post it over there``


And that's the problem with crossposting:  trying to keep both threads up-to-date.


I am continuing the discussion only at

@sheri_021  this may be helpful for you. try vlookup. 

@Johnathan1111 thank you… 

No problems. I uploaded the screenshot in last reply, but I cannot see it...I don't know where it goes wrong.