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Help!! ** How to use Countif to count dates that occur today and before?

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Hi All, 


Please Help, 


I need to be able to count the amount of dates in a column that occur today and then also count the amount between today and in the past by number of days (not date).


Can you help?


Thank you in advance



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That's like




@Sergei Baklan 


Hi Sergei, 


Thank you so much for your help!


I have used the first one and it works perfectly! thank you


But, I need the second one to display the amounts of dates in total that occur before today? 






Mike, if before today


 or you need number of dates, not number of records? For example, if today is Apr 18, and you have 3 records for Apr 16 and two records for Apr 17, above formula returns 5. If calculate only dates it shall be 2, please clarify what is required.

@Sergei Baklan 

I am using =Countifs for a table that tells me how many records we have that were opened between 0-14 days, 15-29 days, and 30+ days. However, I only want to count those whose secondary column are equal to A or B and not C. 


(0-14 days) =COUNTIFS(Table1[Date],TODAY(),Table1[Date],">="&(TODAY()-14))

(15-29 days) =COUNTIFS(Table1[Date],"<"&TODAY()-14,Table1[Date],">="&(TODAY()-29))

(30+ days) =COUNTIFS(Table1[Date],"<"&TODAY()-30,Table1[Date],"<="&(TODAY()-30))


I thought I could do 
=COUNTIFS(Table1[Date],TODAY(),Table1[Date],">="&(TODAY()-14), Table1[Status], "A" & "B") but this didn't seem to work.