Help grouping slicer buttons on a pivot table

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The request:

I have a slicer that reads the cells with values of 0% through 100%.  I want to group them in buttons that show 0-9%, 10-19%, ... 90-99% and 100% or something close to that. 


The details:

Since I have 1400+ lines of data in the pivot table source page, there are 1400+ buttons in that slicer which makes it useless.  I need to group the buttons, so if the bosses want to see the options in the 90% area, they don't have to multi-select (literally) 300 buttons.



I found an article years ago online and successfully made this work, but when I updated the data source the next month it broke the grouped slicer buttons and I could never find the article again. The YouTube and other articles I can find on grouping buttons aren't what I need, they don't work this way. Having been a while, the memory is faded.  I think (maybe) I had that 1400+ button slicer hidden on another sheet then made a slicer pointed towards that one that I grouped...  I'm not sure any more. 

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For such sample


you may create another PivotTable (in grey) adding only values column (V) to it. Group this PivotTable as desired, add slicer on V and connect slicer additionally to first PivotTable.