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Hi there, I have annual temperature and precipitation changes for different grid points and I want to calculate the data of some months specifically. It is done manually, but it takes a long time because it is 70 years old data. For example, for the winter month average (photo below), I want to output the average of the data of the 1,2 and 12 months. Is there a method where I can automatically get this data when I pull down the months of the years going down? thank you.veriler.png

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If you have the most current version of Excel, the FILTER function--in conjunction with AVERAGE--should be able to achieve what you want. Is it possible for you to post a link to your actual spreadsheet (easily accomplished if it's in OneDrive or GoogleDrive).


If you would like to research FILTER and its abilities, here's a link:


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Thank you for your response, 


the file:


what i need to do is:

I must calculate every years average values for 4 parts.

first is general yearly average value for temp4.5&8.5 and preci4.5&8.5: yearly.png

The others are winter and summer average calculations, what do i mean is for winter:


and for summer:


All i wanna do is i want to do this not manually, with just dragging down automatically like this: the need.png

waiting for your reply, sir.


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An alternative could be SUMPRODUCT like in the attached file. I've entered a few formulas and highlighted the cells with formulas with green color. You can enter the other formulas accordingly.


Thank you so much, you are a hero!