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Hi I'm trying to format cells to always remove any characters from any string that dropped into the cell and only keep numbers. I'm running 


Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO Version 2111


I'm collecting data from a program and the string starts with a series of letters then a colon (:) then numbers. After importing the data and dropping it into Excel, I then have to go in and remove the letters and colon. If I could format excel to remove the letters and colon, it would be a big help

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why not use Text To Columns (under the DATA tab -> Data Tools group).
highlight the column click that button, select deliminated and then on the next page select Other and type ":" and it will break it into 2 columns, the first with the text before the : and second with the numbers after. It is only a few clicks so should be pretty easy to do, unless you have like hundreds of these transforms to do.