Help creating a VERY big dropdown/vlookup

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So I've recently started creating a video game "guide" on excel as a little side project. I wanted to make this one table that included all of the villager's gift opinions, but it was getting bigger and bigger with each villager added, and just all round seemed messy/hard to read. I thought about creating a drop down list that held all of the villager names and, when one was chosen, showed the different options for the villager, but it's been proving VERY difficult for me to wrap my head around.

Is it actually possible to achieve what I'm aiming for or should I just create different tables for each villager? I've attached a screenshot of the current table I'm working on, and what I wanted to achieve.

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I guess you want to create a searchable drop list. May be also dependent drop lists.

Here is a link to one of my tutorials on How to create a searchable drop list.

here is a link to my tutorial on How to create Dependent Drop lists:


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