help: create a custom number format

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I am trying to create one, but when I do this: If I want to add dollars or euros it does not let me, perhaps I am going something wrong¿? 


  1. Select Custom.

  2. In the Type list, select an existing format, or type a new one in the box.

  3. To add text to your number format:

    • Type what you want in quotation marks.

    • Add a space to separate the number and text.

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In general you don't need custom format for the currency. You may apply currency format from ribbon; or Ctrl+1 on cell and select proper one.


ok thank you Sergei. I am doing this training

if I need any more help I will tell you.


@Sergei Baklan 

Hi Natalia, could you re-send the link please? I get an error when I try to open it
Thank you!
let me know if you need anything more
Hi again:

I am now in the formulas & functions section. I am trying the VLOOKUP and when I do this it gives me error:

Meat Amount

Beef 100
Chicken 50
Pork 30
Fish 40

Chicken #N/A

can you try it?
Hi, can you share some screenshot of the formula you are using please

@Natalia_Farr I am typing to you from Peru and my Excel is configured in Spanish, instead of BUSCARV it would be VLOOKUP.



I don't see error in the formula you comment. It may be that the word you are looking for is not as it is in the search matrix, make sure there are no other spaces in your word you are looking for and in your matrix

Excuse me, do you see any image in my previous answer? I don't see it, but it appears to me that there is an image in my response.
The #N/A Error appears when the formula does not find what you was asked for. In VLOOKUP it would be that it doesn't find it in the lookup array
OK I have tried again and all good now
No, I dont see any image. Sorry
HI again

I have some doubts now but regarding tables. I dont see the design tab in my excel: so I can go to the total row, where can I find it? However, the other way to sum up the total of the column it does work out
Hello, did you solve it?

Or in any case, you can share me some screenshot.

any news with this? @Natalia_Farr 

any news with this?