Help Correcting a Formula

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I am trying to use this formula and Excel keeps returning an error. Any help in identifying the error would be very appreciated.





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@Steven560 The error occurs due to incorrect placement of several brackets.

A correct syntax would be (note that you don't need all the SUM functions):




But, this formula makes no sense as you include two conditions IF(A4-F49>0,....... . You probably want the first one to be IF(A4-F49<=0,...... .


And then you could just write: =MIN(0,A4-F49)


Or, if you must return a blank if A4 is blank:



The MIN function doesn't work because I don't want the first condition to be <=0. However, you helped me correct the formula I needed. I worked off of your suggestion and came up with this:


Thank you very much for your help.

@Steven560 Fine with me, but be aware that when A4 = F49, this will return FALSE. Not sure if that is likely to happen, of course. Up to you.


Already encountered that. I changed the formula to this:




Working perfectly now. Thanks again.


A bit shorter.