Help calculating a date, excluding weekends and US holidays

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I am doing a project workback schedule in excel. I need a formula to calculate the End Date, minus the duration, excluding weekends and holidays.

A = Duration

B = Start Date

C = End Date

My formula is =C1-A1=B1 

C1 = 8/19/22
B1 = ?
A1 = Duration


Question:   How do I exclude weekends and holidays from this formula?

Thank you in advance, Nora from Southern California

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NETWORKDAYS and there is an international version and you can set up any set of holidays you want
TY for the reply This is just for US. I've tried ..... =WORKDAY(C1-A1)[holidays] but it doesn't work? What am I doing wrong?

@mtarler Here is my excel document that I'm trying to exclude weekends and US holidays from.


TYSM! Nora 

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@Nora Connors 

Since your references change in every posting I will use placeholders. You fill in the real references.


Holidays refers to a range with US holiday dates.