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I don't know if this can be done or not but help would be appreciated.

I am compiling a workbook spread over 4 sheets

The first 3 columns on each sheet remain the same.

At the moment I simply tell the 2nd, 3rd & 4th sheet to copy columns A & B from the first sheet ( ='sheet1'A:A & ='sheet1'B:B).

this works in that it copies the required info.

However if i insert a row on sheet 1 it is not replicated on the other sheets, neither is it is i delete a row.


is there a way that any action on column A & B in sheet 1 can 'auto replicate ' onto the other sheets (Especially if i'm inserting a row)?

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One of the interesting things about Excel is that there are often multiple ways to accomplish end goals. You can tell that's the case because often even after a question has been answered somebody else will come along and offer an "alternate take" or "alternate way to look at this."


I mention that because it would help here if we could get a more in depth understanding of what you're actually trying to accomplish. Could you back up and just describe the "application" or the "business process" or whatever it is that has given rise to your question.


And if you could accompany that with a copy of the workbook you have developed so far, that would go a long way toward helping us understand your situation. Possible? Just make sure there is no private or confidential info in your workbook.