Hello! Is there a way to produce graphics like this with Excel?

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Hello! Is there a way to produce graphics like this with Excel?


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@mattiapaoli thanks for you interest in Excel charting.

We sometimes refer to this concept you are showing as a "Play Axis" which allow you to show multiple dimensions of your data changing over time.  At the moment there is no default built-in way to give charts a Play Axis.


It is possible to spoof some this concept using formulas to pull a particular subset of data (say 1 particular year from a table of years) and VBA to cycle through which specific subset of data is pulled.  This doesn't give as clean a view of some of the movement, but gets near the idea.  We'd love to hear from users if supporting a play axis is desirable.




@Johnnie ThomasThanks Johnnie for the answer! That's very cool. A "smooth" movement in the chart would be lovely, but I understand that's not the main purpose of Excel

@mattiapaoli I am not an expert in Power Point but I think It can be done, even, without VBA with Power Point if you play with slides and transitions.

I think that the thick is creating a slide by year, by month, by week...

Find out about Morph Transitions in Power Point.

I have tested it and can create same effect but with lot of work... every bar must be in a separate image... 




HI Mattia, yes I think this dynamic chart can be replicated in Excel online using Office Scripts. I cannot see any reason why it would not work.