He needed help to manipulate this company data and i did this


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Just for others to see and learn how 


His questions: I want to select the entire values in the status cell that contains red formatting and put it in a summary sheet
On my own, i did a lot of data checks > i had to clean the data with so much data inconsistency and then i used PQ to finish off the work so if he selects Red cell(<= 3 Month of Expiration green means as i have indicated below)
So he wanted to see if the company selects Red color to see all the warehouses location that has expired.
Do you think i approach it well? what would you have done differently? Reason i am sharing is for knowlegde sharing
Yellow<= 5 month of Expiration
Red color<= 3 Month of Expiration
Green cell color > 5 Month of Expiration
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