Having this trouble when applying the sum formula

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Does anyone can help me to solve this prob? 微信截图_20220112090532.png

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You are using and IF function within a SUM function, which is causing this error. In your formula the function SUM is seeing your IF statement as another number to sum (which isn't).

I see that you have a criteria for SUM. What you need here is SUMIF or SUMIFS.
Hi, I’m using =SUM(AA:BB) in the beginning but it showed #VALUE!
So, I press the HELP button, it showed these solution ( refer to the picture above) but it not works.

Do you have valid Data in AA to BB?
Try this in place of the formula you are currently using (shown in the picture in cell N2):


@geminiwwwww20 Note that your formula has three apostrophes ( ''' ),

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 06.09.59.png

rather than the two quote marks ( "" ) as indicated in the help screen.

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 06.12.30.png

That should fix it.