Having issue with changing fonts style and size in Excel...

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Whenever I try to change the font size/style in my document either on the bar or using rt click and control it gives me an error message saying "No more new fonts may be applied.  Please close some other documents and try again." 

There are several sheets within the workbook but no other documents are open.  I went to Library/Container and deleted the excel folder.  I also deleted and reinstalled excel.  

It seems to be fine with new documents it is just this one document.  

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?  I'd rather not type/copy & paste the entire thing again.

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Hi @swtee9871 


most likely you have used to many combinations of fonts and styles. There is a limitation in Excel, details could be found here:



Just keep in mind, that every combination of font, size, style (bold, italic...), color etc. counts.

You probably need to reduce the number of font combinations in that specific file.