Having code issues with my Marco in Excel populating info from one sheet to another sheet, help!

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I have an excel file that I would like to be able to populate information from one sheet to another. I am using a Marco because it will have to use specific words (i.e. "Angel Trujillo" technician name). I have multiple field technicians that I am trying to track specific jobs in separate sheets. For example on my master sheet I have a list of each job with multiple columns and different information. One of the columns list the technicians names, this changes per job, I would like to create a sheet for each technician that will auto-populate information from the master sheet when entered. I have attached the Excel file so you can see the Marco I have created. It continues to give me a "compile error: Invalid Outside Procedure". 


Can someone please help me troubleshoot a resolution to my issues?



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I don't see any workbook attached
BUT, I might comment that you may still be better off using cell functions to perform this work. especially if are using Excel 365 it is very easy using cell functions like UNIQUE and FILTER to create sub-sets/sub-tables. You can easily have a tab for each technician with their name listed in cell $A$1 (for example) and then have all the formulas populate that sheet based on FILTER of the data on the master sheet. OR you can have just 1 tab with a drop-down to select which technician you want to look at and by selecting their name the rest of the sheet gets populated.
I encourage these non-macro approaches to prevent security issues and so it is also compatible with the new online browser based Excel.

See below for link to the file.


That is exactly what I would like to do! I figured I had to create a Marco to complete the command.  Can you maybe help walk me through setting up the function instead?


File Link:

gives me error. you need to give guest permissions / anyone with link can view/copy/edit
oh, and you shouldn't share any personal or private information of you, your company or especially of others.



Sorry about the error, I think I have fixed it but let me know if it still does not work. Thank you very much for your patience, I greatly appreciate it.


See the updated link below:!Arrb5j7kEY4hkTQvxJsIIk4OvI0J?e=chKqUr

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created a FILTER() formula in the 'Angel' tab and also created an 'Anyone' tab where you can use a drop down to see any name in PM