having an added row's numbers automatically added into final total

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Hi. I'm creating an invoice and have more entries than rows for the standard table so I've added rows.  The categories/columns in my table include hours worked, hourly pay, and price/cost, which the table automatically calculates. In the new rows, the price/cost is automatically calculated, just like for the original rows. However, the amount isn't being populated into the final total at the bottom. How do I get the amount in my added rows to be included in the final total at the bottom of my table? Thank you!

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@Karin_Mueller I suspect that the total has a formula like =SUM(E5:E20) and you are inserting rows below row 20. Then, the SUM formula does not pick-up the new rows. If, for instance, the initial formula is in  E21, enter the following in E21




If under the table you mean structured table with Total row at the bottom, it shall be updated automatically.


If totals are not the part of the table or you use range, it depends on which formulas do you use.


Is it possible to see sample file?