Have a row not count in a formula unless a certain date has passed

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Hi there, I've made a spreadsheet to track my spending and budget for 2023 and would like to prefill things such as spotify payments, rent etc so I don't have to manually do it each week. the only problem is that when I prefill it it shows up in the spreadsheet for the whole year so it's difficult to keep track of the finances at a given time. is there a way I can set my formula's to only pick up a row if the date is the current date or earlier? I am using this formula to pull data from a different sheet "=SUMIFS(ExpensesForm!$D$1:$D1000, ExpensesForm!$B$1:$B1000, ">="&$A2, ExpensesForm!$B$1:$B1000, "<"&(EOMONTH($A2, 0)+1), ExpensesForm!$E$1:$E1000, "="&B$1)" 



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We are not clairvoyant, so please explain the layout of your sheets.

What are the columns on the ExpensesForm sheet?

What are A2 and B1 on the sheet with the formula?