Handicap Formula for Archery League

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Hi, I am running an archery league in where I live. I have examples for scoresheets with a formula already entered to calculate the handicap for each shooter. My issue is the example only has 2 games at 85%  and we run 3 games at 80%. The max score for each of our games is 100 with a final score of 300.


The original formula is:

=IF(C3>147,0,((150-AVERAGE(C3,F3,'WEEK 2'!C3))*0.85))


I tried to change the formula to the following:

=IF(C3>97,0,((100-AVERAGE(C3,F3,I3'WEEK 2'!C3))*0.80))


Excel tells me it incorrect. Please help!!

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The second formula appears to have an extra cell reference I3 before 'WEEK 2'!C3, and they are not separated by a comma, which is causing the error. If you intended to include I3 in the formula, it should be =IF(C3>97,0,((100-AVERAGE(C3,F3,I3,'WEEK 2'!C3))*0.80)). Otherwise, it should be =IF(C3>97,0,((100-AVERAGE(C3,F3,'WEEK 2'!C3))*0.80)).