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I would like to suggest a new feature in Excel 2019.

If I hold my cursor anywhere in excel or rather any of your office tools I should get reference guide for what it is used for or there should be a learning mode in Excel which enables this feature.

For Example: $ English(Australia), $ English(Belize), $ English(United States) in the Accounting format in Number section. Like wise in all tabs and sub tabs.

This will be easier to understand for any Unknown user who is using your product and spending valuable amount for your product.

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Hi @Microsoft_Sourabh123 


You seem to have a lot of nice ideas to improve the products. However, I'm afraid to say that this community isn't the right place to raise them

Not sure for the other Microsoft 365 products but for Excel you can raise them (after checking the idea doesn't already exists, otherwise you can UpVote it and add comments/more information) so far on Excel UserVoice


Hope this helps & makes sense