Guest users do not have access to unprotected cells

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Hello dear community,

I hope someone can help me. I have many Excel tables on which guest contributors can also make entries.

I have a table on my Sharepoint that has a share link for everyone. Please refer


Screenshot 2023-12-19 161825.png


The cells in column B C E F are not protected. This means that the check mark under right click on the cells and format cells / protection tab is not set. Sheet protection is activated. Logged in users can now change these unprotected cells.
However, guest contributors with a release link cannot change these exact cells.
Things get really crazy when I enter something in column B as a logged in user. Then the guest user can also change what has just been entered. But this only works in column B.





Screenshot 2023-12-19 162916.png
















Screenshot 2023-12-19 163541.png


I can't explain this strange behavior - oh yes, guest user entries worked until last week - but this problem only started this week.
And also very strange - the exact entries that a guest contributor made without any problems until last week can no longer even be changed by this guest contributor.


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