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Hello, I would like to group the data into ranges but when I follow the instruction I found on internet for grouping what happens is that all the values are grouped into a single group (as you can see in the screen). How can I select different ranges?


Thank you!



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One way would be to define the groups in an additional column in the source data.

But you can also specify the groups in the pivot table itself:


First, ungroup the row labels.

Then select the values you want in the first group.

Right-click in the selection and select Group... from the context menu.

All values outside the selection will be in a group of their own.

Select the ones you want to be in the second group, right-click and select Group...

Repeat as long as needed.

Hello Hans,

thank you for the reply what I would like to have is to group the data into ranges. I have found on internet that if you right click on a cell then you should have a context menu and you should be able to define the range of values.

However, when I follow the process I do not get the context menu and if I select all the values and I click group what I obtain is what you can see in the screenshot


Have you tried selecting a single cell in he Row Labels area of the pivot table?

You should get a context menu with Group... in it.


Clicking Group... results in a dialog:


If you don't see the context menu: which version of Excel do you use? The desktop version for Windows or Mac, or the online (browser) version, or the iOS/Android version?

@Hans Vogelaar 

Yes I did select a cell in the row label column but when I click it I get this message 



I have no idea about how to solve it


Do your row labels contain text values? Excel cannot group text values.

@Hans Vogelaar 

they are number as you can see from my screenshot below.




What is the "-"? That doesn't look like a number...

@Hans Vogelaar 

Yes I had to delete it manually (I was just filtering it out).

Can I ask you another question regarding the grouping?

How can I manage to do the subgroups like the screenshot? I managed to do the normal ones while I cannot do the bold ones..





The only way I can think of is to use additional columns in the source data. Let's see if someone else comes up with a better idea.