Group/ungroup protected functionality issues with Excel 2019 in Windows 2019 server

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We have users who are accessing some Excel files which has formulas with macros. When the excel file is opened locally from desktops with Office 365, the group/ungroup functionalities are not protected and. But when they open the same excel file in Windows server(Win2k19 OS) which has Excel 2019 installed on it, even in the unprotected tabs it throws below error.


Can someone help me what could be the issue? 

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Hi @kpr208 


all I can say is that there is indeed a different behaviour between Excel 2019 (or older) and Excel from Office 365/M365, as far as grouping in protected sheets is concerned.


In O365/M365 you can show/hide grouped columns even on protected sheets, if this option has been set during protection:


Unfortunately, this dos not work in Excel versions before O365/M365.


So, it's a new feature that does not exist in Excel 2019 and unfortunately, you cannot do anything about it.

@Martin_Weiss Thanks for your response. 


Your answer has cleared my doubt!