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Hello everybody, 


I am working on the web version of excel for school. And I need to use the web version and not the normal one because of the fact I have a chromebook but my question is. Does anyone know how you can make groups in pivot tables on the excel webversion?

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Hi @NielsWiegman 


To my knowledge Excel Web doesn't - currently - support Grouping in PivotTables

Quickly search this site and found Excel 365 (free web version) not grouping dates in pivot tables where a key that says the same


I would suggest you UpVote Date grouping for PivotTables in Excel for the web in the meantime



No idea what Grouping you expect to do, so example only where in the Pivot Data Source we have [Account]s we want to group, same goes for [Date] to be grouped by Year & Month. Next to the actual data, 3 calculated Helper Columns (can be hidden of course):







Corresponding sample available here. You'll see a HELPER_SHEET with a table where [Account]s are "classified": 0-999; 1000-1999; 2000-2999...


Hope this helps

You're welcome @NielsWiegman 

And next time someone will have the same question we'll re-invent the wheel due to no feedback from your end (Thank you)