Gridlines not showing by default

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All of sudden my Excel decided that all new workbooks, as well as all new sheets in old workbooks, should start with no gridlines visible.


I have already followed online advice to create a Book template, where I set gridlines to show.


In addition to being weird because this shouldn't be necessary at all, the Book template only solves a tiny part of the problem: when I start Excel it does show a sheet with gridlines. However, any new sheets in that new file, any new file I create with Excel already open, and indeed any new sheets I open in old files of mine continue to default to no gridlines.


What could possibly have happened for Excel to change behaviour like this? How can I revert to the default behaviour of showing gridlines?

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@llima27 Please try this under File-> Excel options!



Hi @SanthoshKunder. Thank you for your reply, but I'm afraid that's not the answer.


This option changes the visibility of the gridlines for "this worksheet". It's the same as going to the View ribbon and checking Gridlines.


If I do as you suggest, gridlines will indeed appear for "this worksheet", but gridlines will continue not to show by default if I create a new worksheet or open a new workbook. 

Could it be the case of gridlines color? meaning gridlines exist but color could be white
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No. It's really that the gridlines are not there.


In any case, while I continued with my investigation and search, I found an article with the solution: Gridlines disappear by default - Microsoft Community


All good now!