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Good evening.  I have a dataset and I need to create a graph like the one attached.  The data I have is like this: (target will always be 96%.  I need the graph to show the actual and adjustment on one line and then have the months on the x axis)

TMMAL 1Actual86.0%82.3%88.7%92.9%91.6%91.5%
TMMAL 1Adjustment86.0%95.0%90.0%94.5%91.6%91.6%
TMMAL 1Target96%96%96%96%96%96%
TMMAL 2Actual93.5%94.7%95.5%96.2%94.5%93.7%
TMMAL 2Adjustment93.5%94.7%95.8%96.4%94.5%93.7%
TMMAL 2Target96%96%96%96%96%96%


Graph needed.png

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This requires a different layout of the data. See the attached sample workbook.

Note that Adjustment is now the difference between Actual and your original Adjustment.