Graphing data stored in single cells

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I'm trying to set up a chart or graph that will pull names from my table (that will be updated periodically) and display each name beside how many meetings they've been to and what type of meetings they were.

I've written out an example to more clearly see what I am dealing with. If this is possible I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


DateTimeLocationParticipantsMeeting Type
05/01/202311:20:00 AMRoom 214John, Kelsey, Aron, Garth, Megan, Erin, RexSafety
10/01/20232:00:00 PMRoom 213Mark, Kelsey, Garth, Max, GinnyManager
13/01/202310:00:00 AMRoom 214Aron, Ginny, Max, Rex, Brian, Tracy, Megan, SteveSafety
15/01/202310:30:00 AMRoom 320Mark, Kelsey, Brian, Max, Steve, Ginny, Garth, Erin, Brian, JohnSales
16/01/20234:00:00 PMRoom 213Mark, Kelsey, John, Garth, Max, GinnyManager
23/01/20231:30:00 PMRoom 213Malcom, Max, John, Rex, Megan, Steve, Timmothy, Sam, KelseySafety
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Hello @HS113,

I've made a sample, and I think there maybe still some improvement here... but still it'll do what you're looking for...

Sample file is on the attached.