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I have the following project and need some info or help if possible.

I would like to fill an Excel table with numbers, these should then be calculated with a formula and then the result should be displayed visually in a PowerPoint graphic.

I also found the following how-to video

I would just like to know if I can use PowerPoint to create a kind of racetrack in the form of an 8 as a graphic and then drive a car there or a moving avatar based on the result.

The whole thing should make sense for a sales competition.

I hope someone can tell me that

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fabian,

Required Animation in PowerPoint should be possible, but how does it link with the excel table?
Would you be able to upload the file with dummy/sample values (via OneDrive) so that others can check and provide proper guidance?
Hello, gladly sorry for the delay I had a lot to do unfortunately...,

i posted a link to the file in OneDrive.

I would like to do this as follows
I have a chart and would like to have the numbers automatically calculated there by team for this I have 3 teams.
A 1-13 the month
B 1-13 address quota for the respective previous month month target is 60% address quota monthly
C 1-13 is the address quota in the current month for all teams together.
D-F 1-13 is the address quota from the previous day for each team.
G-I 1-13 is the address quota per team in the current month.
J 1-13 should be the field, where should be colored automatically to see if you are eligible for participation.
Then this quota should also be displayed for each day and the week and calculated in comparison so that you can see where you stand in the month in the week and how the whole thing changes.
This should be shown with PowerPoint preferably with a car on a racetrack, if that is not possible, gladly a pie chart, bar chart or pie chart it should just not be too dry.

At the end it should work in such a way that let's say a person with little idea of PC simply enters the numbers of the team per day, week, month and the values of the previous week of the previous day and the previous month are compared and calculated and the result then colors a field green or red so that the team may participate in a challenge or not, because 60% are a prerequisite for participation.