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Hi, can anyone help, I am currently in the process of creating a Excel file with multiple sheets, I would like to be able to restrict certain users from accessing certain columns, rows and cells. This seems like it should be viable with the "allow edit ranges" in the review tab. I would then like to be able to use the "specify who may edit without a password" within our workgroup domain but I am not sure what the "users name" should be. Is this our name within the group or our desktop name? I have tried both and they are coming up saying there is no users with this name.

Please can anyone assist, many thanks.

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Don't get the question either... Probably incomplete information in the question! Are taxes included in the full price? If so, what tax rate? Otherwise there should also be a $50 selection. *Could you send the question as text? that the translation can also be carried out by machine if another meaning is meant. Thank you for your patience and understanding