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I have a fairly large file I download from Google sheets to Excel and have an issue with this formula not pulling through:

=IFERROR(ifs($B$3="Department View",INDEX('Budget YTD'!$D$14:$P$77,MATCH($B20,'Budget YTD'!$B$14:$B$77,0),MATCH($H$1,'Budget YTD'!$D$3:$P$3,0)),$B$3="Board View",INDEX('Budget YTD Board Approved'!$D$14:$P$78,MATCH($B20,'Budget YTD Board Approved'!$B$14:$B$78,0),MATCH($H$1,'Budget YTD Board Approved'!$D$3:$P$3,0))),0)


There is an automatic addition of the curly brackets and when I click in the cell and press enter the correct number pulls through. 

Any ideas how to help as I dont want to have to click into thousands of cells.


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Curly brackets means that formula is returned as array formula (and your Excel version doesn't support dynamic arrays). To enter such formula use Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of Enter.