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i am trying to get a formula to score a golf scorecard where you put in the score for each hole and the program sorts out the score say if a par 4 is played as par and index is 4 and the handicap is 8 player does not get a shot on hole so he only scores a 4, and 2 points if he gets a shot on the hole he would score 4, and 3 points this would 

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 Hi Phil49 just a quick percentage system to alter 66% of a handicap by altering the minus for a plus you can add the percentage aswell

have you got cells to put the formula in 



hi there again have put a percentage formula in the scorecard i am sending you all set up all 

you need to do is put you handicaps in it gives you the new handicap in column D and leaves original

in column B rest of should be easy hope it works for you



Thanks very much ill see how its go's,


Hi there just looking at the scorecard i sent before found a fault in it so have redone it again this time 

entered the formula in the handicap column and changed the other columns now it works for both

stroke and stableford games. Just a matter of interest what game do you play with reducing handicaps 

by 60% would like to know 

Regards Ian

It's a Winter Eclectic match 50 players

you can easily make a best cavity back golf irons charts and also other things charts individually it is so easy to do. Not a big deal