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Getting VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP to function as the Microsoft 365 describes in Help Document feature.

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I have copied the help example from Microsoft 365 help service and pasted it in my excel spreadsheet with the VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP formulas inserted into my spreadsheet attached as a shared file with the help explanation and my spreadsheet trying to use these functions, and can't get them to work.  Please advise my miss usage.


Thanks Richard Lamb!Avoy1y2cOvrvjcVquUtZr4812EnhLw?e=EKF4BX 

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The formula in L2229 is




  • This is incorrect syntax for VLOOKUP. It should be of the form =VLOOKUP(value, range, column, FALSE)
  • The value WLK is in K2229, not in K2231.
  • So you should use:

=VLOOKUP(K2229, C5:D2315, 2, FALSE)


The formula in L2232 is


=XLOOKUP(K2, C5:C2315,D5,D315)


  • The lookup value  is in K2229, not in K2.
  • D5,D315 makes no sense, it should be D5:D2315.
  • So you should use

=XLOOKUP(K2229, C5:C2315, D5:D2315)