Getting the error #SPILL! and unsure how to resolve

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I am trying to link my cell to another tab and keep getting the error #SPILL!. I`m unsure why.


Has it anything to do with the merged cells. 


I`ve attached the spreadsheet.


I`m trying to link cell B3 on 'Declining Test' tab to cell D6 on 'Qualification Details' tab.

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@jamesco655 Yes! Get rid of the merged cells. They cause only trouble.

I need to merge cells as this is the only way to fit the content and have the spreadsheet the way it needs to look. Is there any way to avoid this error if I have to merge cells?
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@jamesco655 I dare to say that there is almost NEVER a need to merge cells. The cosmetics you describe can be achieved by filling the cell with a white background and then format the borders how you want it to look like. See attached, where I did just that in D6:F14