Getting SMS from my Excel file for specific dates to my own phone

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I have used the following formula in my Excelsheet, in an extra column "B" as under:-




But, it is giving an error message.


How do I get over this issue?

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Hi @ColSaxena 


if you want to concatenate the cells, the formula should look like this:




In case A1 is not todays date, it will just return FALSE


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@ColSaxena Not sure what you have in mind and how this should send an SMS. But the formula returns a text string like C2&D2&E2&F2" if the date in is not equal to today's date. In case you thought of concatenating the contents of those four cells, remove the quote marks. 


And if A2 contains todays date, the result will be 0.


Martin's formula was almost correct, but he accidentally mixed usage of rows 1 and 2.  Your argument delimiter may be a semicolon or may be a comma.  What you probably want is:

=IF(A2=TODAY(), C2&D2&E2&F2, "")

(The embedded spaces are optional; they just make it easier to read.)


But if your column A values include time of day with the date, use:

=IF(A2>=TODAY(), C2&D2&E2&F2, "")


Thanks dear@SnowMan55


The formula suggested by you has been accepted without any errors.


However, since I didn't select any SMS service or provide my own Mobile

Number, there was no response.


Could you please guide me for that too?




Thanks dear Eekelen,

I actually want the entire Row contents of chosen(current) date to be sent by
SMS to my own phone.

I alsowish to know how to enter/ provide my own phone number in
this file, and schedule it for daily checking.

I found an Ad In called Ëxcel To SMS"on"the net, and downloaded it.

But, it is not activated on my Excel program/ sheet.

Could you please guide me further/


Col Saxena
Thanks dearMr. Martin,

In my sheet A1 contains the Heading Date, & the first data is in Cell A2.
I have created another column B, in which I am entering this formula.
But, I have not been able to add or integrate any SMS service in this
file, nor enter my own phone number.

The AD In Excel To SMS, found



Thanks dear Mr. Weiss,


In my sheet, A1 is the heading marked Date, & A2 is the first data.

That is why I wrote A2=.

I have not been able to get any method of providing my own phone

in this file.

An Ad In called Excel To SMS, found by google Search, was downloaded.

But it is not getting activated on my system.


could you please help further.




Col Saxena


In short, no.

There is no built-in Excel feature for sending content as an SMS message. Someone else must have the physical hardware and authorization to place messages into the communication networks. (I have no special knowledge of such.)

"Excel to SMS" appears to be a product available through, but I see that phrase also used on And they are not the only sources for such software; here is a sample that I found:


These are all commercial ventures. Some may offer a free trial period, but they will eventually all charge you for sending SMS texts.


If you have downloaded a product from one of those sites (or others), get help from them. You should not expect that members of this Excel community will help to provide support for their software unless you have started with that.